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Currently a Senior Data Scientist at OpenX where I design, prototype, and deploy a wide variety of machine-learning models to support our programmatic advertising marketplace. Prior to that I was a member of the Caltech LIGO Laboratory Astrophysics group, where I worked on the detection and characterization of gravitational waves from colliding black holes that ultimately led to a 2016 Breakthrough Prize and the 2016 Gruber Cosmology Prize. My career is marked by nearly a decade of achievement in applying advanced statistical and machine learning techniques to hard problems in a variety of fields. In addition to a strong foundation in data science and programming, I have developed skills in theory, source simulation, time series analysis, digital signal processing, and experimental design.

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Larry R Price


Senior Data Scientist, OpenX

Pasadena, CA/New York, NY


  • Design, prototype, and deploy a variety of machine-learning models to support OpenX’s programmatic advertising marketplace
  • Produce analyses and visualizations to solve business problems and provide new insights

Senior Postdoctoral Scholar, California Institute of Technology

Pasadena, CA


  • Developed software for optimizing astronomical observations
  • Led a working group of 12-15 participants in a large scientific collaboration
  • Organized and managed large scale data science project involving 16 geographically dispersed researchers, resulting in several publications
  • Mentored graduate and undergraduate students on a wide variety of projects

Research Associate, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Milwaukee, WI


  • Created low-latency software tools to enable new types of astronomical observations
  • Pioneered advanced statistical methods in the search for gravitational waves in pulsar timing data
  • Developed cosmological simulation software that performed more than 10x faster than the state-of-the-art
  • Applied a computer algebra package developed as a PhD student to problems in black hole physics



  • Python, SQL, C/C++, Java, Hadoop (MapReduce, Hive), D3.js, TeX/LaTeX
  • Bayesian and frequentist methods for Regression, Classification, and Clustering
  • Neural Networks/Deep Learning, Trees, Bandits
  • Principal Component Analysis, A/B testing, Time Series, Feature Engineering
  • Unix, Linux
  • Aptitude for quickly grasping new concepts in unfamiliar fields


  • Demonstrated ability to manage a diverse team at various career levels
  • Oversee multiple projects and meet deadlines
  • Provide direction to junior colleagues
  • Strong interpersonal and conflict resolution skills


  • Excellent written and public speaking skills evidenced by publications, teaching, and invited talks at international conferences
  • Ability to present complex ideas in a clear and concise manner to a wide range of audiences across engineering, business and product


2016 Breakthrough Prize

For contributions to the first direct detection of graviational waves

2016 Gruber Cosmology Prize

For contributions to the first direct detection of graviational waves


University of Florida

Gainesville, FL

PhD, Physics 2007

Thesis: Topics in the Perturbation Theory of Rotating Black Holes

Reed College

Portland, OR

BA, Physics 2001

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Larry R Price